Hope audio available and keyway king follow-up…

Organizing an event the size of the (formerly known) Dutch Open takes a lot of my time. So still no official updates on that, although the outlines are getting clearer and clearer by the minute….

I still receive a lot of feedback on my keyway king milling machine. Many people are curious what the modification is, and if the device is already in Amsterdam. I can be clear about that: it is still work in progress. My good friend modifying the devices sends me pictures from time to time. The idea behind that is to make some sort of ‘modification manual’ for other keyway king owners. The last image my friend mailed me was called ‘destruction‘ …. ahum … I assume it will take some time before the device will be in Barry’s blackbag lab. But knowing my friend, it will be worth to wait …


Furthermore I learned audio of all ‘last hope’ presentations is online now (for a little while already). A great (free!) service, allowing everybody to learn from the wonderful speakers and presentations. If you want to hear the story behind the ‘skin-pression’ image you see above, you can listen to the presentation by Han and me at the last hope in high quality MP3 and find out.

At DefCon I was interviewed (in Dutch) by Brenno de Winter from ‘ICT roddels‘ (ICT gossip). Click here to listen to the Dutch interview.

One Response to “Hope audio available and keyway king follow-up…”

  1. Hmm…the modification seems to require 303 steel and a DRO 🙂 Nice, so it should then tell you the cut depth or some other dimension?