Defcon is ehrm … different


There is a time to write, and there is a time to party. And when you are in Vegas you party …

I must say Defcon is not like any other conference I have ever been to. Not necessarily better or worse then other conferences, but different for sure. And if you ask what is different … I leave that to your imagination.

No time to write more, but I do make the promise to follow up and write some serious postings in the weeks to come … Back to the party now ….


18 Responses to “Defcon is ehrm … different”

  1. Your Dear Wife says:

    Hm, you told me you went to Las Vegas to do some lockpicking. That already sounded a bit strange.
    But now you sure have some explaining to do as you get home!

  2. Travis says:


  3. Zapfding says:

    Please do not forget to post the _other_ pictures… 😉

  4. Andreas says:

    How the heck did I manage to miss her? I think we need to ramp up on the dress code on 25C3…

  5. renzo says:

    well barry you met some interesting ppl i see XD

  6. Lockylew says:

    haha, i bet your loving that barry 😉

  7. raimundo says:

    I see you met one of the local workers. :~}
    Careful, I think she has something sharp in her hand

  8. Your Dear Wife says:

    Dear Las Vegas Ninja Woman,
    In stead of killing me, I think we should become ‘best friends’

  9. Capsaicinfetishist says:

    I see some drool appering,.. ask her for the shop, i think she has the same size as your wife! Always handy in the household,.. 😉

  10. Lockpicker says:

    Her dress seems to be very time consuming to pick up… A sharp knife would be very helpfull in this case. Just two long cuts and the whole thing loosen. But that is forced entry and not a part of this blog however…=)

  11. Jean-Claude says:

    What stays in Vegas, hopefully doesn’t come back with you.

  12. Jord Knaap says:

    did you bump her!!!!

  13. “did you bump her!!!!”

    Ah hell I literally dropped 😀 That was a good one 😛

  14. mercurial says:

    I heard she was seemingly bump-proof, until her finger-pins were properly aligned with his sidebar 😉 I think I’ll refrain from repeating the rumours regarding the plug spinner & an EPG…..

  15. mercurial, tough times for her, if the sidebar was hardened 😉

  16. mercurial says:

    jaakko – tough times for him, too, if anti-drill inserts were intstalled… they’ve been known to break drill bits!

  17. mercurial says:

    a tip-stopped key can be rough on a lock when bumping, too….but a hot-glue shoulder might help