Centipede Ford Tibbe Pick

During a little lockpick party a couple of weeks ago, I met my good friend Dr. Manfred Bölker in Hamburg.

Manfred is one of the people who also invests a lot of time and money in tools, so when ever we meet we always spend quite some time showing each other our latest treasures and tricks.

This time he showed me a tool I only knew from pictures on the internet: a chinese tool to open Ford Tibbe car locks. Now, I already did cover a Ford Tibbe pick made by John Falle (filmed at the 2006 Dutch Open), but this tool is different as it can rotate the discs in the lock individually. What is also different is the price: if you mange to order it straight from China you pay around 20 euro. Buying it from european sites will cost you around 70 euro.

All in all it is a very nice tool, and I am happy Manfred allowed me to shoot some video (Youtube or Quicktime 44 mb) of it for the kind blackbag audience.

14 Responses to “Centipede Ford Tibbe Pick”

  1. Drew says:

    Very interesting pick! Is this from new sparkling? If not they have something very similar if not the same. http://www.newsparkling.com.sg/2122.htm

    thanks again for the vid!


  2. Jean-Claude says:

    I’ve seen comparable picks/decoders run up to 250 Euro. Sheesh. Anyone interested in a volume buy from New Sparkling?

  3. Jean-Claude says:

    I’ve also had excellent results ordering parts and tools from China through Hong Kong and Japan. It’s not as convenient as direct buy, but the savings can be significant (Which means more tools 🙂

  4. rukwind says:

    i’m all for a group-buy

  5. Transam says:

    You can get these picks from http://www.ukbumpkeys.com for about 70€. Good shop!

  6. This pick would be fun to make, except I don’t have brazing skills, a normal solder joint probably would fail and making from solid rod isn’t an option because of the diameters and lengths required :/

    The Falle version would be easier 🙂

  7. VDIAS says:

    Any links for the chinesse shop???

  8. Greg Manchester says:

    Hi all, I have the 6 section & 8 section tibbe pick, great results with the six section using it on ford & jaguar. I recently bought the 8 section & am unable to fit the pick into the locks.

    What is the use/difference between the 6 section & the 8 section, besides the number of course.

    Can anyone advise?

  9. Scott_93 says:

    Hi Greg Manchester,
    Yeah the 6 disc is meant for the Ford and Jaguar cars and the 8 disc is actually meant for a few cheap Chinese safes that have appeared on the market, so will not work in 8-section Jaguar vehicle locks, In saying that, you can always make something bigger smaller 🙂

  10. chad says:

    are all ford and jaguar locks 6 section?. have heard that there are 8 section ford and jaguar locks. if so, which models have them and where can we all get a tibbie pick to do fords and jaguars?

  11. chad says:

    ukbumpkeys do a 8 section tibbie lock pick for safes… so will this not work in the cars then????????

  12. NKT says:

    chad, no, it won’t. But they aren’t locksmiths, they are tool sellers.

    The Jag has 8 discs with 3 cuts, and the Ford has 6 with 4 cuts. With the basic hand pick you can open both.

    Decoders are for wimps and 110s.

  13. John wise says:

    Hi guys I have a ford decoder and it was working fine but it’s now just spinning in the lock can any one please help me as I have paid over 200pounds for it thanks