Next stop: Safe opening weekend June 11-12-13

One of the things I am really looking forward to is spending a weekend between the good old Dutch safe techs and their visitors. These guys are organizing yet again a fabulous penetration party on June 11-12-13. These parties are the ultimate for safe technicians as they cover the latest in state of the art in safe opening. Picking, drilling, manipulation, decoding … the works. And if you are into the legal safe opening business you are invited to join in! Just send a mail to Paul Crouwel if you want to attend.

Lever lock picking

And I am currently more focused on other things then safe opening but I definitely want to try some new toys I bought at my latest trip in the US.

Hope to see the usual suspects in less then two weeks!

6 Responses to “Next stop: Safe opening weekend June 11-12-13”

  1. jos weyers says:

    I’m definitely planning to be amongst the usual suspects!
    Looking forward to it.

    & regarding new toys: see you Wednesday !

  2. NKT says:

    Looking forward to it. Kate & I are coming over by ferry again. Lots of fun toys to bring, too.

  3. Elphreaker says:

    Are those the Jfalle picks on photo?

  4. Henk says:

    Have fun this weekend guys!

    Work is consuming me at the moment,better luck next time!!

  5. NKT says:

    It was a pretty great weekend. Thanks to all who made it so!

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