We want YOUR lock!

That is right. We are looking for locks to pick. Preferably locks we
are not familiar with. Let me explain …


Every year we set up a competition. It is an ongoing game, that will
last approximately one year. For this game we use a collection of 26
locks. Some of them are easy, most of them can be opened with some
practise and a few can only be picked by skilled lockpickers. The
rules are relatively simple. During Toool club evenings people can
take one of the 26 locks and try to pick it. And use a stopwatch to
keep track on how much time they need to open it. You can pick the
lock as often as you like. The idea is to keep improving your time on
it. And every time you pick that lock you are going to train yourself
in finding the shortcut, the right order in which the pins need to be
set, or what is the best raking technique to open that lock. If you
think it will be difficult to improve your time on the lock you
proceed to the next one. Or instead of moving to the next lock you can
ask other toool members how it is possible they picked that lock in 15
seconds while you can not pick it in under one minute. Our experience
is that this type of game is a real motivation for people to learn
different techniques and pay attention how other people open locks. At
the end of the evening we collect the scores. Your best time on a lock
will be entered in a database, and if you scored the best time you
will receive 10 points for that. Are you second best you will receive
9 point, third place 8 etc etc. The person who scored the most points
on all locks after one year is the winner. The rules are that simple….


(images of locks by Paul Boven)

Back to your locks …

This will be the third year we will play this game. Previously we used
mainly Dutch and European locks (Medeco being an exception). But this
year we would like to have a more international collection of locks.
So we are not only going for the euro-profile cylinders, but also
would like to see some unknown types and shapes of locks. We know
shapes are completely different in places as the US, Australia,
Scandinavia, India etc. And we would really like to see what is out
there worldwide, and if we can pick it. This is where you come in. We
want YOUR lock(s), especially if it is of a brand unknown in The

Don’t get us wrong, we are not looking for impossible to pick locks,
or extreme difficult ones with magnets and transponders. We are
looking for locks that are ordinary to you and your country but are
special to us. Of course we will add some real challenges in this
competition, but the basic idea is that a novice lockpicker should
stand a chance. So we are asking you for your lock, but only if you
can pick it in under 15 minutes yourself. If you are not a lockpicker
but would like to add a lock to this competition we will gladly
consider it.

Now we know locks cost money, and so does sending metal objects trough
international mail. Unfortunately we can not offer financial
compensation to all of you. We do not have a clue how many people will
take the effort to send us a lock to begin with. To compensate you we
will honestly draw four names from the people that send us locks and
reward these lucky four them with a fabulous prize.

So I hear you think, what are these prizes?

1) A rare high security cut away lock, model Ge-Ge P-eXtra
2) an original Hope Numeber Six pickset
3) a Toool T-Shirt (size s/m/l/xl/xxl/xxl or ‘spicy babe shirt’
4) The original Tomahawk bump hammer

If these prizes do not persuade you to send in your old unused lock I
don’t know. Needless to say we will write your name and country on the
hall of fame if your lock makes it to the 26 lucky ones.

Some more details about what type of locks we are looking for: We are
looking for pin tumbler locks. So no need to send in lever locks with
‘keys with a beard’. Preferably the locks are of a size we can transport
in a box. So there is no need to send in huge ‘lock in door knob’ type
of lock. And no padlocks. It should preferably be door locks.

lock 03

And it does not matter where you are from. If a Dutch or German person
has a nice lock to share we will gladly accept it and use it.
Unfortunately we will not be able to send locks back. We do not want
to be unfriendly but we simply do not have the time, organizational
structure and money to keep a close administration of all this. So see
it as a gift to Toool. And a nice chance to win some of the prizes
that are otherwise hard to come by. And if your lock makes it you can
visit the Toool competition webpage and see how well your lock is
holding up against the Dutch lockpickers. We might even shoot some video.

To give you an idea of what brands are used in the Netherlands visit
the overview of the 2005 or 2006 competition or look at the list of
popular Dutch locks in the 2006 consumer reports bump-key test.

Just send us a mail (toool@xs4all.nl) to ask if we are interested in your lock
or send it to: Toool, Linnaeusparkweg 98, 1098 EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

December 31 we will make the final selection of locks….

Thanks in advance!!

24 Responses to “We want YOUR lock!”

  1. Jamie says:


    Please send me an email so I can get ahold of you, XS4ALL does not like the two email servers I tryed to contact you with.


  2. Nick Zakowski says:

    Email sent Barry. Please let me know if you do not receive it.

  3. next says:

    I need to know your address to send you the present of us by ordinary mail. Please don´t loose your time, because we´ll be glad to help you.
    You are our heros.

  4. Noah Holzman says:

    I\’ll pick through some locks I have to see if I have anything interesting.

  5. Jamie says:


    Replied to your work email yesterday, lemme know if you got it…

  6. Barry says:

    Received all your mails and replied to them.

    Locks can be send to:

    Linnaeusparkweg 98
    1098 EJ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  7. rukwind says:


    My parents` gardendoor had a 30 year old pintublerlock. HAD being the proper word. The cilinder itseld has no brandname on it and is said to be from italy. The keys bear several brandnames; ronis, fima, dominion. Sadly the lock had received some oil in order so operate smoothly. I think this could be cleaned.

    Could this lock be special enough to make it to “the box”?
    I really really really would like to have a shot at that first price…….

  8. next says:

    We are know loocking for an original “typicall spanish” cilinder to send you. You´ll have news soon.

  9. Barry says:

    next and rukwind: Thanks! I am looking forward to your locks. If you supply us a lock you will take place in the lottery, regardless if we use it for the competition or not.

  10. Doug says:

    Are you interested in any American kwikset or schlage locks from the US? I am interested in how these hold-up.

  11. Barry says:

    Dough: anything you can pick yourself in 15 minutes is welcome 😉

  12. Doug says:

    I don’t have any experience in picking. I would like to (being in the security field), but have not yet been able to. I checked some specs and found kwikset offers: 6 Pin KW1, Includes 3 anti-pick top pins. I’m wondering if this “anti-pick” means anything other than “extra coast” and peice-of-mind.

  13. Barry says:

    Doug: send it in and find out 😉 Thanks in advance!

  14. ffdsfds says:

    Why no lever locks? Are you chicken?

  15. rav says:

    Are you interested also in very hard to pick locks?
    I have on my desk right now a beautiful Zeiss Ikon magnetic one ready to be sent if you like:)
    Happy pickin!

  16. jarren says:

    barry you have a myspace

  17. blaine says:

    i have a multilock that seems secure..will i get it back?…

  18. Hello, during my surfing acros Net, i discover Your Toool Websie..
    it’s nice to find other people who has that same passion to locks.. like me..
    I am locksmith from Czech Republic, and Locks and keys are my hobby from my 5 years..

    I thing, i’ve one unusual model of cylinder lock, that can be interesting for You..
    Do You know Czech made europrofile cylinder named M-Lock?
    It’s cylinder with assymetric dimple key, known for his well phsical strenght and 7 pin tumblers (and some surprise that i don’t want present here..in mail).
    if You wish i can send You some pictures and description, or i can share you one of this cylinder, i’ve two pieces in my collection(produciton of this cylinder was discontinued..)
    Sincerely Thomas

  19. jose luis says:

    Hello i write from spain, sorry bad english, i want to send locks, but i need addres to send it. I will send locks but i want a t-shirt. bye!

  20. Brian says:

    Have you received a BEST 7pin by KABA? I can send one with blanks if you like.

  21. Lukkomaisteri says:

    Pin tumbler locks only? I could spare lots of different kind of Abloy discklocks. Old and new. I’m able to provide at least classic, profile and exec types of Abloys. Abloy’s practically only manufacturer used in Finland.

  22. dave says:

    Has anyone picked Bilock lock

  23. Brian says:

    I’m an Aussie – Australia. I can help if you still want something from here. Lockwood & similar compatible are the most common here.

    I’d also like to email some one who can suggest a few reasobably economical security ideas.


  24. Libby says:


    I’m really interested in Lock picking, I wondered if there are any groups / individuals in England, who I might be able to contact?

    Many thanks