Apple pie anyone?

I am back. Still wearing my suit I arrived yesterday at 05:30 am at
Schiphol. I went straight to a meeting point for our campaign against
voting computers. As you might know we are the cause votes have to be
manually counted in Amsterdam. With success we have fought the voting
computer out of Amsterdam, forcing the members of the polling station
to count the votes by hand. A job that can take hours and hours. But a
job we feel is very important and can not be left to a computer. To
support these people we had decided to bring each polling station in
Amsterdam a big apple pie. This is an old hacktic tradition and the
people enjoyed it! It was quite a task and 50 people spend a few hours
each to distribute the 500 apple pies throughout the Amsterdam polling stations…

The BBC wrote something about our apple pie campaign and the local
tv station AT5 joined me while distributing the pies. (Dutch, 19 Mb)

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