Hackerhotel 2024: Safe cracking workshop

Hugo and I taught Safe cracking to a group of eleven at Hackerhotel 2024. It was great sharing the knowledge and inspiring others. Much respect goes to the attendees, which after a busy conference still had energy to take on this mighty challenge.

Every training needs to start with a good basis. We started with an introduction on what safe locks are about and how they operate, specifically group two safe combination locks. From there, we built knowledge from practical examples and exercises. From simply operating the safe lock by dialing 4L-3R-2L-1R with a known combination, to exploring contact points and graphing.

For this two-hour session, we worked with locks of known combination, and usually only get to complete one and a half graphs in this time. Around six graphs were completed in total, and some even finished all three graphs within the session.

While any training is mostly satisfying a curiosity, we expect this training gave the attendees enough knowledge to give it a try on their own later. Maybe even getting obsessed about it in the process 🙂

CCBY4.0 Jan-Willem Markus Toool Blackbag

2 Responses to “Hackerhotel 2024: Safe cracking workshop”

  1. Michael Stegen says:

    Thanks Jan-Willem for the workshop.

    I’ve ordered a 6730, and should receive it this week.
    So i can continue to manipulate this lock at home.

    • Jan-Willem says:

      Very nice. Good luck on spinning the dial!
      If you have any questions, just reach out. 🙂