LockCon 2022 registration is OPEN!

Is normality actually restoring in the world? To be honest, I have no idea…. But it IS restoring in the lockpick world as LockCon looks to happening this year!! \o/ 

After a mandatory pause, we are looking forward to again discuss all the things locks in a castle in the city of Baarlo. LockCon will be held from Thursday 25th of August to Sunday 28th of August.

Want to join? Maybe want to give a talk? Workshop? Host a competition? Sponsor us? Fill in your details here (link no longer active 20-08-2022) and we will get back to you. (Regular attendees, please check your email.)

More information on LockCon: https://toool.nl/LockCon and all Blagbag posts on LockCon: https://blackbag.toool.nl/?cat=3

We are looking forward to meeting all of you again!

3 Responses to “LockCon 2022 registration is OPEN!”

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  2. Jens Stark says:

    Known in Discord as Angus McSnarf, in Reddit as Fubushi, member of SSDev. I live on the Baltic coast in the north of Germany. Third attempt at lockpicking, but with more reading, better tools and more realistic expectations.

    I will probably apply in 2023 – right now, I do not think I progressed far enough to justify asking for a spot.
    (And in 2023, I might actually have something to show.)

    • Jan-Willem says:

      There isn’t a minimal skill to enter, else I would have never been allowed in myself 🙂
      Hope to meet you in 2023!