Cellular CyberKey

A friend knows I’m into electronic locks and gave me this CyberKey key as a present. He did not have the locks to share so you will have to do with pictures of the key. Let’s just admire the construction and not worry about all the ways you would break an electronic access system like this.

Note: Click the pictures for the full size image.

CC-BY-4.0 Jan-Willem Markus Toool Blackbag

4 Responses to “Cellular CyberKey”

  1. NKT says:

    What battery does it use?

    • Jan-Willem says:

      It uses a CR2 (3V lithium) battery. Fairly common battery for electronic locks.

  2. Dan says:

    Why is it called Cellular? I don’t see a cell modem in there.

    • Jan-Willem says:

      Hi Dan. I’ve got no clue. I’ve not found another using image search but they’ve dropped the ‘cellular’ for later releases.