15 safes opened …

the safe opening party is over ...

After hard work it is time for food and drinks ….

The score of the safe opening weekend: 15 high security safes were opened. Most of them drilled, yet some of them decoded and picked. More information on the days to come … we are having a beer now …

7 Responses to “15 safes opened …”

  1. Greg says:

    Barry, and the rest of the team , Have enjoyed your site to date
    that barbacue and drinks !! think you need to come down under [Australia] and see a real good feast of steak and drinks ….
    Can’t wait to see the results of the oppening’s

    Greg Harris

  2. Lockpicker says:

    Knowing the drillpoints, having the right equipment, where is the challange? Here we are back in the 80,is where such information was hard to find and locksmiths earned lot of money… It’s safe because no others know the drillpoint…

  3. Henk says:

    It wasn,t all about drillpoints and the right equipment….look closely at the picture…you,ll figure it out….food,drinks,a good conversation about safes,equipment,the eighties….;-)

  4. Mike says:

    What tha hell is that cooking?

  5. TheSkyer says:

    I can see the charm of that, even opening locks I know I can pick with a couple of friends and beers can be ALLOT of fun. It’s not all about showing skill 🙂 If it where I wouldn’t enjoy Lockpicking at all cause I’m still stuck doing simple Yale padlocks and CISA cilinders….

  6. Billysafe says:

    Barry, all was excellent!! It was a great experience that took part in our knowledge! We had a great time there in Haarlem. Also the barbeque was excelent with botles of beer…..

  7. NKT says:

    Very sad I couldn’t make it to this event 🙁 but I’m just organising the dates for the next one. 🙂