Toool on Romanian TV

While doing a presentation at conference, I learned about a ‘hack the ATM’ event. Looking at the machine, I realised the locks seemed the easiest entry point. I took out my lockpicking gear and within a minute both locks on the machine were open. The organisation later told me the rule was not to use physical access, but the Romanian TV had already picked it up, see

It’s in Romanian so you’ll probably need a translator to understand it. The video itself is here (from 0’46):

To be honest: normally the bottom part has a safe lock as well, but it was not used in this case.

2 Responses to “Toool on Romanian TV”

  1. NKT says:

    Yeah, but if they didn’t even lock the safe door, what did they expect? 🙂

    My record for the two locks (the cabinet lock and the safe lock) is just slightly over 10 minutes.

    • Walter says:

      That’s impressive. For me it was easy, with just the simple lock. They didn’t know the combination, which is why the safe lock was nog closed.