Magnetic Power Box Lock

Marcel got a Goso pickgun and it included some items of which the use was not clear right away:

Goso pick

Goso pick

After some researching on the internet, it turned out that these are meant to pick certain magnetic locks that are manufactured in China. Outside of China, you will likely not come across these locks.

The silver coloured piece can only turn, the brass piece has a push knob at the end. After some googling, Marcel found a YouTube video explaining the lock (not the tool), made by Lockman28, to be found at

2 Responses to “Magnetic Power Box Lock”

  1. jos says:

    They threw in some freebies with a Goso ? Cool! Which supplier was that ?

  2. marcel says:

    i found one on look for ” Multifunctional lock pick gun car open locked car door tools lock open tool Locksmith tools kit ” it has almost all the same tools as i got.