Start of a new era!

Since July, 2006, Barry Wels has been publishing great stuff about locks and security on his blog, Blackbag. May, 2014, he decided to stop.

Barry Wels is founder and long-time president of Toool, The Open Organisation of Lockpickers. In August, 2013, he stepped down from the Toool board to focus on his new company. I am the new president of Toool since then.

Barry has very kindly given Toool the opportunity to take over blackbag. We will be trying to get some interesting lock-related content on here in the near future! And there’s more good news: all the old content will remain available.

I would like to thank Barry for his outstanding work and hope to see all of you around on Blackbag in the years to come.

Walter Belgers

President Toool

One Response to “Start of a new era!”

  1. Barry says:

    Thanks for the kind words Walter.

    And good luck running Toool. I know you and Jos will do an excellent job and look forward to new topics on Blackbag.