Hope was a blast!

Han and I had an extremely good time in New York, and it was nice to see the people behind the nicknames and e-mail addresses. We made some new friends….

I am currently on a campsite with the family, being connected to the net over a very thin GPRS line. So I will keep this posting short for now, and continue to play with the medecoder tool Jon was kind enough to trade me.

Open, but not in 30 seconds ....

In the meantime I will share with you a picture shot by Matt Fidler. It shows Marc Tobias in high security handcuffs. What makes the handcuffs high security? They have Medeco locks on them. And no, Marc did not get out of them in 30 seconds (evil grin).

We will see Marc and Toby again in less then two weeks as ‘the last Hope’ was not the last visit of the good old US of A this year. Next stop for Han and me is Defcon in Las Vegas …

Back to picking locks at the campfire for now. I will try real hard to write something worthwhile on Sunday, so fingers crossed …

10 Responses to “Hope was a blast!”

  1. Jon King says:

    It was great meeting you, Barry. I wish you luck with the tool 🙂

  2. Babak Javadi says:

    Crap! Now I have to actually work my butt off to make sure the Lockpick Village doesn’t disappoint…

  3. JackNco says:

    Sounds like fun was had by all, wish I could have gone but I couldn’t afford it this year.

  4. renzo says:

    picking locks at an campfire? sounds like fun 😀 im gonna try that XD

  5. Barry says:

    Renzo: Well … currently in the tent, and it feels like walking on a waterbed. Very heavy rain outside 🙁

    Ah well … that gives me some time to complete a little article for the NDE magazine …

  6. Jean-Claude says:

    Giving Marc Tobias Medeco handcuffs doesn’t seem like much of a challenge 🙁

  7. Jean-Claude says:

    And for those who care, ASP and Peerless both do a model in this format (maybe Hiatt, still checking)

  8. Lockylew says:

    haha, you gotto love that that shot of marc 🙂

    Hope sounded great, i wish i could have made it 🙁

    all the best.

  9. henk says:

    I am not jealous,I am not jealous,I am not jealous……..:-)

  10. douro20 says:

    Chubb’s IK52 handcuffs have 10-disc AVA cylinders in them.