Intact-Noodopening (Intact locksmith service)

Sorry for the low volume of blogpostings but I am currently involved in many projects. For example: with Lock-Experts I am preparing some private classes that involve interesting locks to study and come up with solutions.

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And with the help of some friends I have set up a locksmith service with the name (intact emergency opening). The idea behind intact-noodopening is to practice what I preach during the lock-experts classes and open locks in the field without damaging them. It is the best of both worlds: make people happy by opening their locks make some money while learning. For the moment Intact-Open is active in the Amsterdam region in the Netherlands. For special projects we are available wherever needed.

Especially the safe-opening jobs are interesting and rewarding. It is a great buzz to open safes without damage and it is highly addictive. In a few cases I have manipulated open some mechanical Sargent & Greenleaf and LaGard combination locks while in other cases I have picked and decodedsome lever locks for customers.

There is a group of locksmiths/specialists that will (try to) answer the phone 24/7. So fee free to give us call (or send us a mail) when you are in need of a locksmith.

4 Responses to “Intact-Noodopening (Intact locksmith service)”

  1. Michaรซl says:

    Wow Barry, ziet goed uit. Ik zal jullie zeker aanbevelen. Gefeliciteerd met de nieuwe zaak!

  2. Pascal says:

    Gaaf, gefeliciteerd!

  3. ewout says:

    Vandaag gebruikt. Prachtig om weer mijn huis binnen te kunnen zonder dat het slot kapot gemaakt is. Wel een eye opener om toch maar een paar extra maatregelen te treffen ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hartelijk dank!

  4. stuart says:

    i have a royal safe and have the keys but not the 6 numbers for the combination lock , do you open these type of safes, im in amsterdam north call me if you think you can and how much it will cost stuart 0649-158399