Light in the darnkess

lockpick light - photo (C) by Charlotte Wels

We are in the process of having a special pickset designed for ‘the last Hope‘ conference, and are thinking of other cool gadgets/merchandise we can bring with our logo on.

lockpick light

Even though the ‘LED ring‘ is a nice gadget, it might send out a wrong signal having it handed out with the Toool logo stamped on it.

The last thing I want to do is give our hobby a bad name or bad reputation. And images like the one above certainly can be interpreted wrong. But the idea of using an LED ring for picking locks is just too funny not to mention.

And they are pretty cheap too (mirror) …

6 Responses to “Light in the darnkess”

  1. renzo says:

    that light uses coin cell batteries so it won’t last you longer then 20 minuts.

  2. Barry says:

    Renzo: If you can not pick a lock in 20 minutes what is the point anyway? 😉

    But seriously, the light contains 3 batteries and with modern LED technology that is enough for at least 24 hours non-stop usage.

  3. Yeah, a small battery like that usually has 100mAh (pulling out of my hat) and a LED consumes approximately 5-30mA, depending on the creators evil mind, so the LED should burn like 3-20 hours easily.

  4. renzo says:

    its not that i can’t pick a lock in 20 minuts 😛 its that i wont be able to use it for a very long time. if i was gonna use a flashlight to help me pick a lock it would be my fenix l2d-ce

  5. Romstar says:

    I have an LED light here that uses four button cells. The bloody thing is still going after about 80 hours of use.

    Looks like a really neat idea. Too bad it gives the wrong impression. Could be useful for a working locksmith though.

  6. DWizzy says:

    I use the same lights (the price is higher at 0.37 USD but available per eight instead of 5000, with free shipment)