Toys for the boys

Seems like some interesting assignments are coming up. And if whether or not the assignments will materialize, one can always make good use of the kind of repro-stand I just purchased.


I was also persuaded to buy some special ‘daylight’ lamps that came it and came from the same manufacturer, so for the moment I have a nice ‘basic’ setup. There still is a chance light from just two sources will not quite do it, but for the moment I am happy and can at least make some small series of images. I made some test shoths with my crappy old camera, and am not too unhappy with the result. Just to show a few, here is some images of IKON DLC, IVANA NECOLOCK, Federal, LIPS and some other locks. Now waiting for Christmas to see if Santa will bring me a nice(er) camera and maybe a couple of lenses …

4 Responses to “Toys for the boys”

  1. David says:

    Nicely done. I try the same thing with my ELMO setup.

  2. Walter Belgers says:

    I recognize these locks 😉

  3. Bart Adema says:

    It looks like the Lips lock is an old 19mm cylinder?

  4. rafaele says:

    The quality is amazing !!!
    How to make a picture of a detail? (new-post please!!!)