Video: Mechanical key machines in the US

In Europe lots of locksmiths use computerized key cutting machines, or
machines to make one on one copies. I am currently visiting the US and
find that most locksmiths can not live without their mechanical key
punch machine
. This machine mechanically makes code cut keys instead
of one on one copies. The design of the machine is nice. It is very
easy to operate and from what I have heard and seen the device is very
accurate and fast.

 bluepunch by pro-lock

I just had to shoot some video of a friendly locksmith who was kind
enough to demonstrate his ‘Blue Punch key machine’ for you and me. (5 minutes, 18 Mb)

3 Responses to “Video: Mechanical key machines in the US”

  1. seanrox says:

    I had heard about these machines but never seen one in action. Thanks for the great video. Hopefully you’ll have more to report on from the ALOA Convention.

  2. Dana G Ritz says:

    What I completely amazing is how things like this, that I thought have been around forever and used by most everyone aren’t. We have two of these machines. One that cuts ic core and one for Schlage, both just for the standard nothing fancy. I’ve been using the punch for at least 21 years. We do not use computerized machines in our shop.
    Many computerized machines are being used in the Wal-marts, KMarts and do-it-yourself stores and many of those customers come back to me to have their keys cut correctly. As a big user of compterized machines, do you have a clue as to why they don’t work well? How often do these machines need to be calibrated if at all? Is there a trick or real know how in operating the machines? Just curious.