“Hack in the box” in Amsterdam July 1&2

Hack in the box Amsterdam

It is pretty exiting … the “Hack in the Box” conference is coming to Europe. And the good news is that it will be organized in my home town: Amsterdam. Over the years our friends of Toool.US always manned the lockpick village in the overseas “hack in the box’ events, but since the next one is organized in the Netherlands, the Toool.nl crew was asked to run it. Of course we accepted and are very motivated to make it a great event and a special lockpick village!. And besides the village we will also organize a two hour hands on presentation. So far Han, Jos and I volunteered to run the village but I expect more Toool members to join in.

And because of our support, members of Toool and readers of blackbag can get a nice discount on the entrance fee! Drop me a mail if you want to attend and I will make sure you will get a nice discount!

Another big thing of course is the next Hope conference in New York. Han and I will do a presentation and we will assist the other usual suspects to run the lockpick village there …

One Response to ““Hack in the box” in Amsterdam July 1&2”

  1. michael says:

    Two months and no new posts ??. Anyone know what’s happened to Barry. Has he taken up coin collecting or is he locked up in a cell somewhere in the world over a misunderstanding re a demonstration of door or safe openning. Hope not.