New home for the Dutch Open 2007 lockpick championships…

Stay Okay youth hostels just opened a new location in Sneek (Friesland). Just 100 meters away from the old one, a completely new hostel was build.

click on image to see Gea Schmidt's virtual tour

I remember wired wrote about the Dutch Open 2004, saying: “The Sneek Wigledam Youth Hostel appears to be nothing special, just bunk beds and a bar-and-breakfast space of unpainted wood and colorful furniture – something like an Ikea Gulag. But to a lock sports aficionado, this is Wimbledon.”

Well … the part about Wimbledon still stands, but the rest is history.

Gea Schmidt was kind enough to show me the building and let me video the tour for you. See for yourself how nice the new location is: Stay Okay virtual tour (50 MB quicktime or YouTube).

The best part is that we might end up using both locations as the old one is also still functional. We are still planning and puzzling on the schedule and the finer details ….

Reservations for the Dutch Open 2007 can already be made … The e-mail address in at the end of the video …

2 Responses to “New home for the Dutch Open 2007 lockpick championships…”

  1. JackNco says:

    hey Barry, the new hostel looks really nice.

    For anyone out there thats more used to hotels any may not have stayed in a hostel before. trust me when I say I have stayed in quite a few in my time and that looks like one of the nicest I have seen.

    All the best


  2. mikeymike says:

    compared to the ones i have visited this is the Ritz 😛