Aloa 2007 … here we come …

Aloa 2007 Charlotte

Yesterday Han and I landed in Charlotte, North-Carolina. For me the plan is to visit the Aloa 2007 exhibition while Han is having a booth there.

I have already seen lots of familiar faces and had quite some interesting conversations. If there are nice new tools or other novelties I will make sure to report back here.

Stay tuned ….

3 Responses to “Aloa 2007 … here we come …”

  1. Hope to hear something new from ALOA and see some pictures of your trip 🙂 Have fun!

  2. LockAssassin says:

    have a good time and try to get some video too.

  3. DMUX says:

    yes, video would be great and im quite sure they will even want you to speak because you guys have innovated the whole lock security market for the world

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