Busy in Barcelona …. coming up next: EVVA 3KS

As you might have read I am currently in Barcelona and making long
days on the CryptoPhone booth at 3GSM. So the weblog is a little slow.

Friday (or at latest Saturday) there will be an interesting piece of
information on the EVVA 3KS lock. For those of you who like a challenge/puzzle
the image below gives away something already….


5 Responses to “Busy in Barcelona …. coming up next: EVVA 3KS”

  1. The bottom edge of the key should have a profile on it; instead, it’s been milled flat — and milled a bit lower than normal cuts. Unfortunately, I don’t know the MCS mechanism well enough to say what impact this would have on its operation.

  2. André Matuschek says:

    Maybe, the profile on the top and bottom is just passive. Just like the dimples on the side of an Winkhaus System VS-Key. These dimples are just for organising the keys in subgroups, not for security. If you drill 5 wholes on every side of the key, it fits to every subgroup. So you ignore them while picking the lock. I could imagine that this profile of the 3KS is the same.
    If this is the case, the key on the photo above should continue working in both directions. Otherwise is works only with the profile up. Maybe Barry lets us know!


  3. Paul says:

    Yes, the top and bottom edge profiles are not really for security, but for dealer / key cutting control. You can mill them away and as long as the other elements of the key are correct it will work.

  4. novicelockpicker says:

    hey barry…man im busy with a project(hint im a student)…well I notcied that the bottom profile edge is milled away..could you recommend a website or place to but these EVVA 3KS locks?

  5. André Matuschek says:

    novicelockpicker: Try http://www.froogle.com/