LockCon’14 is “ON”! (It giet oan!)

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In a couple of days Toool will host the international LockCon conference in Sneek.

If you planned on spending the Thursday-night at the Hostel, but haven’t stated so when registering: DO register! Spaces are limited and going fast.
Also some of the “old-timers” seem to think they don’t have to register anymore to get in. But as our maximum numbers are set, we kinda need a headcount beforehand.

If you haven’t already, register! If you didn’t get the registration link, please send an e-mail to lockcon2014-registration at toool.nl.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on all this goodness:

the opening will be at 19 Sep 10:15
the closing will be at 21 Sep 16:00 after which we will have dinner.

Jaakko will talk about the process of tool-building (looking for weaknesses, choosing materials and the actual build)
Alexandre has an innovative way of doing dual-component impressioning
Michael will give a talk about locks in German alarm systems
there will be a safe manipulation workshop, lecture and championship
Jord will host a workshop on working with some new safe opening tools
Legion303 will take us through the process of building lock picks
Rob will do a fun talk about lockpicking in movies
on Friday night we’ll try something we have never done at LockCon before (and can’t yet tell you about) -No Press-

datagram will host his famous tamper workshop
decoder will shed some light on the mediahit that is 3d printing of restricted blanks
Marnix will bring some 3D printers, so we can get some hands-on results
Legion303 will show us how to defeat the cyberlock
Jaakko will show his new safecracking tool
we are very grateful we will host our annual impressioning championship on C83 cylinders donated by ABUS.

Alexandre will show us a technique to manipulate and decode Disec locks
And off course we will be hosting the annual Dutch Open Lockpicking Championships.

Ample reason to head to Sneek it seems.  See you in a couple days.

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