Han Fey’s article on ASSA TWIN

Visitors of Toool are being treated well lately.

First there was the article on Master’s new Axis padlock by Michael Huebler, and now there is a new article by Han Fey.

ASSA’s TWIN sidebar system makes it very difficult to pick or otherwise manipulate the lock. Combined with it’s extreme tolerances, the lock it is one of the higher quality locks on the market. And one of my all time favorites.

As always, Han covers the lock deeply, answering many questions. Questions you did not even knew you had ….

I hope you enjoy assa-twin-part1.pdf (2 MB) … I know I did!

assa twin special 7 pin edition?

And Han does have some questions too … who knows more about a seven pin version of the lock?

(* Update: fixed broken link)

13 Responses to “Han Fey’s article on ASSA TWIN”

  1. Romstar says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the link to the article doesn’t work from here.

    Is there an error?

  2. Jean-Claude says:

    Get rid of the last dash. Barry will get around to fixing it.

  3. Romstar says:

    And there you go, that worked. Thanks.

  4. Mitch Capper says:

    The right link is: http://toool.nl/assa-twin-part1.pdf

    It is TOOOL night over there currently, so later tonight he will probably get around to updating it.

    It is certainly a great article with more than enough details to make sure you fully understand the twin systems. The trick is to try and understand everything it talks about before part two comes out;)

  5. mh says:

    This is a very nice article, yes or no?!

    From own investigation 😉 I now know how many hours go into this type of work, and it’s really a great treat to get a share of this in-depth knowledge – thank you very much, Han!

    I should mention that I even had the luck to get a preview presentation at the Cologne SSDeV meeting, which was quite an inspiration for me…


  6. Jean-Claude says:

    Amazing article as always. Makes me happy to have a V-10 (albeit American) on my front door that much more. By the way, TOOOL is always looking for pictures of sidebar profiles for those who own ASSA Twins.

    Just a suggestion, other locks that might be of interest include:

    Abus Diskus
    ASSA Desmo
    Fort Lock Gematic radial pin tumbler
    Van Lock radial pin tumbler
    Kaba cam and micro swith
    Key Devices Alpha cam or slot
    Medeco three pin alarm, four pin pop and payphone, Duracam, six pin
    Ruko Twintronic

    These are just some of my favorites. If Han would like any samples, feel free to contact me.

  7. Romstar says:

    A very good article. Brilliantly done and exactly what we have come to expect from Han. Someone please be sure to thank him.

    In the meantime, I am going to re-read this article while we patiently wait for the next part to come out.

  8. Jean-Claude says:

    Is there any way Han could post dimensions of his 7-pin Twin 6000 key?

  9. Jean-Claude says:

    Also, either Han blurred out the bottom of the bow, or somebody took great pains to obliterate the code in the bottom right corner. My guess would be detention, or maybe hospital use.

  10. Jean-Claude says:

    Maybe Han can decode the sidebar?

  11. Han Fey says:

    Looked again at the key and saw then:

    Profile is 851, so it has un undercut.
    Sidebarcode is 33114

    All the locks or keys in my articles I did not modify. I photograph the locks, keys and pins the way they are. I did not file away anything from the bow.

  12. chris c says:

    the assa twin key as in pic is used in prisons, not as a security key but as a inmate held key for the chubb 7 lever cell lock in 90 of uk jails, hmps give a key to each inmate for ther cell, so after the main lock has been unlocked the cell can be secured by the inmate.

  13. Jean-Claude says:

    Well there you go. Thanks chris c!