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End of an era

Friday, May 9th, 2014

So long and thanks for all the fish

Becoming the first impressioning world champion really paved the way to become a full time lock-professional. After that I left my comfort zone and signed a contract with Lockmasters Technologies, Inc in 2012. I am one of their European distributors and assist them in any way I can (working from Amsterdam). So far it has been a dream come true.

Besides the work for Lockmasters Technologies, Inc I run some lock-related classes from Amsterdam (and on location in Europe) with my private company Wels Security Solutions /
Last but not least my company “intact locksmith services” opens doors, safes and cars in a non-destructive way. In reality I forward a lot of the intact support calls to locksmith colleagues that do have time to take the job. So working for Intact has my lowest priority but is a nice way to keep my skills sharp and stay in touch with what happens in the real world.

I could never have come this far without the help of my friends in the locksport community. I am very fortunate with the friends I have made over the years. And I am happy to see that others have made the step to the lock industry as well. Just to name two: Han Fey and Dr. Torsten Quast are now working for Assa Abloy, the largest lock manufacturer in the world. It is my believe many “lock enthusiasts” will follow…

I decided to transfer my Toool (NL) leadership position in 2013. New Toool president Walter Belgers and vice president Jos Weyers are perfect for the job and have my full trust and support.

One of the things they did is to extend LockCon by one full day. The dates for the three day event are: September 19/20/21. This is the weekend before the security show in Essen (to encourage international travelers to come). The extra day will be used for more presentations and workshops and I am already looking forward to attend it. The LockCon request for talks / presentations is open.

The end of an era

All good things come to an end and so does this weblog. This is the last post before it closes.

This does not mean I will be completely off the radar. Lockmasters Technologies, Inc just started a newsletter that I am contributing to. I am sure you will enjoy some of the articles there.
And there is the regularly updated “Intact locksmith services” facebook site for you to visit and “like” (thank you!).

I have not made up my mind what to do with BlackBag’s content. If you want to capture any of the information: the blog will be at least up until September and I will make a decision after that.

Thank you for your interest and support over the years.

Feel free to contact me for anything related to locks and security.

Blackbag signing out.