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Saturday, February 19th, 2011

The blackbag banner says: locks, encryption and the RF spectrum. These two last topics did not get much attention yet. It is not that I do not have a lot to tell about it, it’s just that locks take up all of my time and interest at the moment. That is why I decided to donate a big part of my encryption device collection to the (virtual) crypto museum. Just take a look on their site, it is really a great place that will give you an idea about the radio side of things of the field I am interested in, and that are the foundations of my work for GSMK Cryptophone.


I know the people behind from some time ago. They are the same that asked me to make a working key for an enigma some time ago at a Toool meeting. What is real funny is that twelve years ago I had the same idea, and even registered the domain for a couple of years. But hey, then I got so involved with locks and lockpicking that I decided to put my focus on that. But before that I was quite serious about is, and even made some audio samples of encrypted and decrypted radio scramblers. For now I will only post two samples of these analog scrambling devices. If you listen carefully to these samples, you might be able to get some words, or even part of a sentence. You can post your guesses (or decrypted wav’s) in the comments. I will post the ‘decrypted’ audio in a couple of days from now.