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Still alive … a little on Aloa 2007

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Hey, you are still here reading my blog?

To be honest, blogging can be a big burden sometimes.

But the good news is: I am still alive. Over the past few days more and more people were worried about me not posting on this blog. And rumor has that some others were hoping for it to disappear from the face of the earth for ever. Too bad, blackbag is here to stay …

The thing is, so much is happening that it is hard to keep up. But here is a first attempt to work trough the pile of articles I have/had in stock.

Han Fey and John Loughlin at Aloa

Han’s booth at Aloa was a big success. A few serious lock manufacturers showed interest in Han’s products, engineering skills and his pool of knowledge. I would not be surprised if one of these companies makes Han an offer he can not refuse in the near future…

And I did scout some interesting stuff for you at Aloa! In the weeks to come I hope to make footage available of a mul-t-lock pick, some 13 song tools and big boys doing arm wrestling with Abus keychains.

One special guest at Han’s booth was Marc ‘I will kill you if you publish these pictures‘ Tobias. Marc was clearly in his element at Aloa, but only until he spilled one liter of soda on Han’s booth, ruining a big stack of flyers.

I am eagerly waiting for my new macbook pro. The idea is to have better video editing software and compress video in a more friendly video format then before (was win media 9). And there is quite some video to be edited. But please do not hold your breath, as work and family life are taking up a lot of my time ….