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Security Essen

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Although many locks now feature electronic features, at the Security Essen fair, enough interesting fully mechanical locks could be seen. Some companies, like Iseo, have decided to focus solely on electronics at this event. Other companies show that new mechanical features can still be invented. Evva showcased the new 4KS which is a continuation of the 3KS. I found the ICS with Temporary Access Function more interesting from a mechanical standpoint. This cylinder comes with two user keys, of which one only works after putting the lock in temporary access mode with a change key. Mottura showed cylinders with a magnet in the key, to defeat lockpicking. DOM has a new cylinder that has keys that are even harder to duplicate. Abus showed a really neat new modular system that makes it very easy to change the length of any of their cylinders without using special tools, not even a screwdriver. A very simple and elegant solution that works really well.

The company Master showed an impressioning key for single row dimple locks, that uses a metal wire to impression in. It needs quite a bit of force to impression, hence a tool is used for that. In the video you can see it in action.

Now off to LockCon 2016!

Abus EC60 impressioning

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Last Friday, Jos got a little present: an ABUS E60 as an impressioning challenge.
The keyway is way different to what he usually encounters during competitions (which would be the old trusted C83) so it was a good thing a handful of blanks were thrown in as well…

It’s a six pin cilinder, and the keys vary quite a lot in thickness when you go down. At some points it more than doubles between cuts!
So basically, lots of Jos’ fancy tools were rather unusable for this one. But, it took only two blanks and the better part of 45 minutes (which included a phonecall) but in the end it did open!

Abus EC60

Abus EC60

Abus EC60

Abus EC60

Abus EC60

Jos wins the German impressioning championship

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

The German Impressioning Championships took place in Kassel, Germany on June 27th.

In the first round, Jos was the only one who managed to open their lock within an hour. Jos opened in 5 minutes and 20 seconds, which means that he is the champion and the trophy is back in the Netherlands.

The locks were, as always, Abus C83/73 cylinders. New this year was the use of special pins inside the locks. Here you see a few of them:

Jos is looking forward to the next international games, which will be held in Seattle, USA.